As part of our due diligence we request, and importantly verify, all third party certificates, including:


We request copy third party Certificates or Company Declarations of compliance as applicable confirming compliance with the following
quality & national standards relating to Photovoltaic Modules:
i)  MCS Approved Product Mark (UK).
ii) Periodic Inspection, Qualification & Type Approval to IEC 61215:2005 /EN 61215:2005 & Safety Testing to IEC 61730-1:2004, IEC 61730-2:2004,
EN61730-1:2007 & EN61730-2:2007
iii) EMC Compliance CE Marked  Directive 2004/108/EEC (EMC Directive) Directive 2006/95/EEC (Low Voltage Directive)
iv) (RoHS) Regulations 2008 and the recast Directive RoHS2 applicable from January 2013
v) (EC) Regulation 1907/2006 concerning the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH)
vi) Registration of a Quality Management System complying with ISO9001:2008.
vii) Registration of an Environmental Management System complying with ISO14001: 2004 (if held).
viii) Registration of an Occupational Health & Safety Management System complying with OHSAS 18001(if held)
viii) Completion of Cell of Origin Declaration  


Full wording of the Product Warranty offered in relation to Workmanship & Performance Guarantees for all PV Module ranges.  Confirmation is requested as to whether the Performance Guarantee elements of the warranty are underwritten by the manufacturer & are therefore offered on a self-insured basis, or are underwritten by a third party insurer, where the latter applies we request a copy of the insurance certificate/s.
All PV panels have a minimum of 25 years performance warranty.


Confirmation via a brokers letter the levels of General Insurance cover held by the business in respect of Employers, Public & Products & Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI in relation to PV System design or equipment selection for a system if appropriate)
Example: Trina Solar; In addition to their comprehensive warranty terms, Trina Solar has purchased product warranty insurance to "back-stop" their product warranty. This insurance covers Product Defect and Peak Power warranties. This provides a global, irrevocable and immediate insurance-backed warranty, in case of the insolvency or bankruptcy of Trina Solar.

All modules have to pass electroluminescence (EL) inspection
We only supply PV modules that have a positive power tolerance (sometimes known as ‘plus sorting’) – each PV panel is flash tested (electroluminescence) before it leaves the factory and we only accept panels that are rated at the badged wattage or above. i.e A 270w panel will have been tested to have a peak output of 270w or more. We do not accept PV panels that have a negative tolerance on the peak output. i.e. where a 270w panel could have a +5% or -5% tolerance.
All modules have to withstand challenging environmental conditions
• Wind and snow load tests
• Hail stone tests
• Ammonia resistance
• Salt mist resistance
• Resistance to sand and dust abrasion

With Ireland’s ambitious renewable energy targets positioning the country centre stage in Europe, the Government looks poised to support and invest in the use of solar to deliver on its promises by 2020.  This is very positive news for homeowners and business owners looking to capitalise on this opportunity in addition to the already inherent economical and environmental benefits of solar.